06 Sep


Feel the magic.

At 213 Apparel, we love California. We also believe that nature is the best kind of medicine. So when it came to sourcing inspiration for our current collection, it was no surprise that we would look to the magical land of the Californian Desert. Actually, it all started with a cactus…

In southeast California, there is parkland called Joshua Tree, which is where our favourite cactus is found. To many, Joshua Tree is an adventure land. It attracts an eclectic crowd. Musicians and artists commune and create their craft here; climber’s tackle the big rocks; and the spiritual weavers come to enlighten and soul search.

One thing that binds them all together though is their attraction to the mystic landscape. From the crisp air, abundance of cacti, the wildflowers, the star gazing skies, and of course the scenic sunsets; Joshua Tree and the Californian desert is magical, wondrous, and serene – for all.

From our own travelling discoveries and the magic we felt while being here; every inch and detail of this enchanting parkland inspired our Sunshine Makes The Desert collection. To start, the hues and tones of the desert lands and the dusk evenings influenced our exclusive prints. One of our favourites is our star pattern, which is naturally drawn from the calming night skies and starry nights. On nightly strolls, we believed that the stars were our spirit guides that blanketed us during the walks in the red sand.

With Joshua Tree being exactly 3,196km2, it is a wide-open desert space for sure. We couldn’t help but feel a sense of freedom and invincibility while we were here. This motivated us to design our Buy The Avocado Canyon Tank, which is a wordplay on our belief that life is here for living, to leap and take risks, and to be free.

This desert land is also known for its refreshing, breathtaking air and bright sunlit skies. Whilst exploring, on numerous occasions, we had to stop, take a breather and soak in those sunny rays. We soon realised that while we all hustle and bustle, sometimes we just need to slow down and chill out once in a while! This moment lead to the introduction of our loungewear, perfect attire for when we need to rest and recover.

Lastly, the people of Joshua Tree are all so happy. Everyone’s goal here is to find happiness – and to live the good, good life. We liked this way of thinking so we took this idea and ran with it. We introduced this feeling into our Jersey Chill Reversible Pants, Bomber and our To Be Happy Jumper. Made from 100% Cotton Jersey and 100% Cotton Fleece, our loungewear is super soft and comfortable – which is a constant reminder that we all should live the good life!

With our starry night sky prints, safari and wildflower patterns, and our free-spirited To Be Happy ethos, feel the magic of the the golden desert within you.