09 Aug

Happy Places: Bondi, Sydney

Beaches, fresh produce, and yoga.

A place that feels like home to us as much as Melbourne does, is Sydney. We’ve shared our love for Coogee Beach already with you and now it’s Bondi’s turn. Bondi is one of those cities that travellers local and abroad flock to, just to get a glimpse of that famous beach. And to be honest we’re not that different. Once we see the white sandy beach and clear blue water, we feel right at home.

Where we go for a top up of happiness in Bondi

Bondi Beach

Let us start with the obvious. Bondi Beach has been talked about for years. Often filled with backpackers and tanned locals, this beach isn’t shy. It’s the perfect mix of beautiful beach goers, gritty graffiti, and surf culture. What more does anyone really want? And that is why these shores attract around 40,000 people a day during the hot summer months. We say go early, and stay late. If wintertime is your jam, you might just spot some whales migrating. And if that isn’t worth braving the winter breeze, we don’t know what is.

Yoga by The Sea

When we hear yoga or sea, we listen. At Ice Bergs, one of the most beautiful vantage points along the shoreline, you can have both as you bend and stretch on your mat with Yoga by the Sea. When the weather allows, classes run outside with the sound of the waves surrounding you. Yin and yang style classes are available.

Eating and drinking the day away

While Bondi didn’t used to be known for its dining culture, it now is. If you’re looking for fresh seafood you can hit up Matt Moran’s North Bondi Fish, for something a little healthy to balance out the drinking Sean’s Panorama delivers some of the tastiest and healthiest meals around. What about vino as you watch the sun setting? North Bondi Fish or Icebergs wins this round.

Fresh and Local

Markets are a special thing. While Sundays are often where you’ll find more tourists, Saturday farmers markets are where the locals hang out. Local produce, bowls of tasty pho, decadent treats, and all the fresh and local foods you could hope for. Come with a blanket so you can eat your food with a side of sunshine.