28 Oct

Nature Baby: Why Spend Time in Nature

There are more benefits than you might think.

There is something about being in nature, away from the sounds of phones, cars, or life in general that can lift your spirits. The feeling of sand between your toes can make you feel things that are hard to put into words. And that moment you look up into the sky between the trees of a forest and watch as the sun trickles through is something that can’t be replicated. As humble human beings, we thrive when connected to the earth around us. From oceans to forests, to sunshine, to green green grass, our surroundings have a strong effect on us. But why do we feel so good? We did some research to better understand. Here is what we found out.

The Ocean Literally Heals our Skin

You’d know after spending time in the water that your skin feels amazing. Maybe it’s the sand acting as an exfoliate, maybe it’s the sun, or maybe it’s the water. The ocean is full of salt and a range of other minerals including magnesium. The sodium chloride in the water acts to clean and cleanse the skin which can often help with milk acne, scars, and other marks, while the ocean can also act a an anti-aging element for the skin. Plus magnesium is responsible for over 300 chemical reactions in the body, which is how our body does things, and is found in abundance in the water.

The Ocean Keeps us Healthy

You know the salty breeze you can smell, feel, and taste when you’re near the ocean? It’s full of the good stuff as well. It’s full of iodine, which helps to regulate our thyroid gland, and is also filled with negative ions – small chemistry term here. All you need to know about negative ions is that they help the body strengthen the immune system.

Nature Helps to Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s natural reaction to injury and is very important, but in our modern worlds, stress means we can be in a constant state of inflammation, which is harmful. Studies have shown that spending time in nature, in forests and parks, significantly reduces signs and symptoms of inflammation. Allowing the body to move out of a stressful and harmful state.

Nature Restores Mental Energy and Encourages Meditation

Both the ocean and forest locations have been looked at in regards to how the mind responds. It’s been found that when spending time in parks and forests, people bounce back faster, recovering from mental fatigue. The ocean on the other hand calms the mind completely and puts it into a state of focused attention, guiding us towards a still and meditative state. All of nature is said to create a state of awe, which is shown to deepen connection with those around you and the world around you.

There are countless physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of spending time outdoors, away from the noise and chatter. These are just a handful. What do you find the best thing about being outdoors? Share with us at @213apparel #213apparel.