22 Aug


Get to know the story behind 213 Apparel and our To Be Happy mantra.

Ever wondered why our motto is To Be Happy? Or who exactly is the team behind 213 Apparel? Read on to find out more!

To be happy in every aspect of life. That’s what 213 Apparel is all about.

Launching in December 2014, Charlotte Grigg and Sammy Veall created a brand that brings together all of their favourite things; Venice Beach, nature, happiness, and freedom. And with that freedom, they like to push the boundaries of what yoga wear should look and feel like.

Each piece has been carefully imagined, designed, tested, and tried. The fabrics are soft and breathable and the cuts flattering for bodies of every shape and size. Each garment is designed for wear on and off the mat, making it a new breed of yoga wear that can be paired with your favourite denim shorts or leather jacket. As new collections are developed and new styles are being created, there are no boundaries, no confines, and in that, 213 Apparel finds its creativity.

This is more than an activewear label, this is a way of life. A reminder that life is all about being happy and being free. And that’s because the women behind it live that every single day. In everything they do. At the age of 21, a fire exploded onto Sammy Veall, leaving her with third degree burns to 35% of her body. Stuck in a hospital bed for three months, and teaching herself how to walk motivated her ‘To Be Happy’ ethos which she now lives by.

In March 2013, Sammy opened Yoga 213, Australia’s first Hip Hop Yoga studio inspired by trends appearing in California, USA. The dreamy loft studio in Richmond, Melbourne is the home of many yogis and a place where students can find happiness through movement, just like Sammy did. Sammy’s dream of creating a yoga apparel line came true when she teamed up with Charlotte Grigg in 2014.

After eleven years of working as a buyer in the fashion industry, globally, Charlotte embarked on a yearlong soul searching journey, travelling overseas to re-inspire her next chapter. Prior to travelling, Charlotte connected with the ‘To Be Happy’ mantra of Sammy’s studio and later went on to dive into the Yoga 213 200hr Teacher Training. This is where 213 Apparel began. And no one has looked backwards ever since.

213 Apparel is for the lovers of movement, yoga, music, colour, creativity, and happiness. And everyone in between. We are about creating a range to be happy in. We don’t believe in standing still. We believe in spontaneous swims in the ocean at midnight, we think summer love is the greatest love, we believe nature is the best medicine, and we believe happiness is the only goal there is. 213 Apparel is your best partner in crime, wherever your life takes you.

This is only the beginning. Won’t you come along for the ride?