16 May

Winter is all around

And what should we do with ourselves?

Summer is easy, right? You can lounge around anywhere, anytime. And there are always parties, events, and things around town. But as Winter moves in, the outings slow down, the weather keeps us trapped indoors, and we forget there’s a whole wide world out there waiting for us. We’re here to remind you that there are a lot of things to do this winter – inside and outside. You just have to get into the right mindset.

Revive the dying art of moving nights

Remember when you were 13 and your friends coming over for a moving night with excessive amounts of snacks was the most fun you could ever imagine? Have you tried it recently? It’s still pretty fun. The movie might change as will the snacks (and beverages, right?!), but the fun and time together doesn’t have to change. It can be really fun to pick a theme for the night, dictating the movie choice. You can then pick snacks and drinks accordingly. Gangster movies and cocktails? Romcoms and red wine? The choices are endless.

Go for a Weekend Away and Stay Inside

In summer, weekends away are often filled with the beach, walking, eating out, and all those other fun activates that happen outdoors. But that doesn’t have to mean we say goodbye to weekends away in winter. Have you ever thought about locking yourself away in a cosy cabin for a few nights? Hot chocolate, a fireplace, board games, books, and a slow cooker. It’s slow living at its finest. Even better if you don’t pack the DVDs and phones, make it an escape from the hustle and bustle.

Go for a Weekend Away and Get Outside

Calling all snow bunnies. Head out for the weekend and hit the slopes. It might be freezing but it’s the only time of year we can enjoy our winter sports. And you get the best of both worlds with this one, you can spend the day outdoors and the nights indoors by the fire sipping warming drinks and reminiscing about the day you just had.

Hit the Yoga Room

Sometimes all you want it to feel warm again. And somehow the jackets and fireplaces aren’t doing quite enough. When that’s the case, a hot yoga room can do the trick. Heated to between 28 degrees and 40 degrees, you’re bound to find just the right temperature depending on what studio you find. Once you walk into the room, you’ll remember what a hot humid summer’s day feels like and you might not want to leave. You’ll also get the chance to move and sweat which can keep the body happy and healthy throughout the colder months.

Image via Find Your Own Adventures