Happy People: Nat Darcas

Meet our Happy Friends

Do you want leggings that make you smile when you look down. Tops that make those around you stop and think?
The Happy People Co is a collective, breeding happiness by connecting with the community, collaborating with fellow happy people, to create a company that inspires us all.

Around here we see happiness and freedom going hand in hand. And with that freedom, we like to push the boundaries of what yoga and activewear should look and feel like.

Each piece has been carefully designed, tried and tested. The fabrics are soft, breathable and comfortable for all bodies of every shape and size. Each garment is designed to wear on and off the mat. As new collections are developed and created, there are no boundaries, no confines, and in that, we find our creativity.

We don’t believe in standing still. We believe in spontaneous swims in the ocean, we think love is the greatest, we believe nature is best, and happiness is the only goal there is.
The Happy People Co want to keep you comfortable and inspired as you take your next adventure. All you have to decide is what it will be.

Join the Happiness Revolution