23 May

Brighten Up Your Space Today

Taking inspiration from our friends at Yoga 213

Our environment can influence our mood. A lot. When you sit at a white desk all day, surrounded by white walls, you can start to feel a little dull. And when you’re surrounded by dark colours and messy spaces you can feel heavy and cluttered. Sometimes, all it takes to improve our mood and wellbeing is to improve the space that we hang out in. Whether it’s for work, sleep, or play. If you’ve ever visited our friends at Yoga 213 in Richmond, you would have felt the happiness from the place rub off on you.

Here are our tips for brightening up your space and your mood – borrowed from Yoga 213.

Don’t Be Afraid of a little Colour

Colours are good for the soul. Especially gentle colours. While big bold colours can be too much, soft colours brighten up your space without overwhelming anyone. If you’ve been to Yoga 213 you would have seen the pale pink dado on the studio walls where half the wall is pink, half cream. This is then replicated on the pots lining the studio walls. It’s a pop of colour and light. Try painting one wall in your room or office, or buying some simple prints that allow a gentle shift from white to colour.

Plants Win Hearts

Nothing makes a place feel more alive than the inclusion of plants. Small or large. Plants have the ability to improve the air quality of a room, which can be just what a stuffy office needs. They’re also known to bring a calming element to any space. If the idea of having to keep something alive is making you feel more anxious already, go for the fake ones for a while. Even just looking at them will improve your mood.

Inject Your Personality

What do you love? Get some of that in your space. Now. If you’re anything like Yoga 213 that’s going to mean pineapples, Biggie, and flowers from the market. But pick what you love and try to bring more of you into your space.

Find Your Inspiration

Your space, whether it’s work or home, should make you feel happy, calm, and sometimes inspired. Is there a quote you love, a mantra that’s all yours, or a word that speaks strongly to you? Find a home for it and keep it there. As you walk into the studio in Richmond you’ll see the To Be Happy neon. A constant reminder to live the good life.