31 May

Our Favourite Places to Wear 213 Apparel

Because we know everywhere isn’t a legitimate answer.

While it might be a running joke that we all wear ‘active wear’ a little too much, it was our idea to create pieces that everyone feels comfortable in on and off the mat. And we know from daily experience that it’s not just in the studio that we love to wear our leggings, crops, and tees.

Some of our favourites?

Post-Yoga Eats

Yes, we’re the ones at the tables of cafes, juice bars, and restaurants wearing our yoga clothes. Whether we’ve come straight from class still in leggings, yoga mat under our arms, or whether we managed to get home, chuck on a pair of jeans, our To Be Happy top, and a jacket, we always love a pop of 213 Apparel at the brunch table.

The Beach

We love spending time in the places that inspired the 213 Apparel range and nothing inspires us more than sand between our toes and the ocean breeze in our hair. While it can be fun to blend in with our Long Beach Leggings in the Ocean, it can also be fun to stand out with one of our bolder prints like the Python print.

The Hiking Trails

Another thing that offers us so much inspiration is getting out in nature. If you’ve seen our Long Beach Leggings in the Bird of Paradise, you might have guessed that. While the comfortable and supportive range is perfect for getting your sweat up on the trails, it’s also fun to wear pants that are reflected in the trees and hills around you.

Of course, the Yoga Mat

At the end of the day, our favourite place to wear our range is the yoga mat. From cotton soft leggings that move with your body to supportive crop tops holding you in place, our range was designed to keep you happy, comfortable, and bold on the mat.