11 Jul

Finding Stillness by the Ocean

Even science agrees.

When you sit by the ocean you can’t help but be calm, happy, content, or all of the above. It’s why so many of our happy places are by the water. It’s also why we draw a lot of inspiration from the sea. But how can it actually make us happier, healthier, and calmer? Well, we read the science behind it, so you don’t have to. Here’s what we found out.

We fall into a state of active rest when surrounded by the ocean. The gentle movements of the waves and the subtle yet consistent sounds are just enough for our mind to stay interested and just the perfect level of detail for us to hold our attention there, but there is nothing really happening, so we don’t have to focus. We’re engaged and present, but not thinking or planning.

This makes us more mindful and eventually ready for meditation. This stillness and focus is exactly what mindfulness and meditation asks from us. The ocean gets the mind ready and still. Therefore, sitting by the water is the perfect place to practice that monthly, weekly, or daily meditation habit.

We feel closer to those around us. The vastness of the ocean, the tangible yet seemingly never ending nature of water makes us question our place in the world. Somehow it makes us more appreciative of the moment we’re in and also makes us in awe of the world around us. When we experience these moments with others, is fosters deeper connection. And also allows for a shared emotional experience.

It makes us better, creatively. When we find a more still mind, yet one that is alert, new ways of processing information start to happen. A style of processing that is particularly helpful for creativity and unique ideas and concepts. Because to get something new, you have to think something you’ve never thought before and that is almost impossible when you’re constantly on the go.

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