five things to pack
17 Jun

Five Things to Pack this Holiday

Travel light and travel well.

You’ve just made an impulse decision for a weekend away. Work doesn’t care; the weather forecast is looking sunny and a little sunnier (clearly this is taking place somewhere other than Melbourne Winter). Now the only thing left to do is pack. Packing has a tendency to be the worst part of the holiday. We either pack too much, not enough, or stuff we don’t use. We’ve had a lot of practice.

So here are our five things to pack for a sunny weekend away. We’re leaving toiletries, underwear, and phone chargers to you.

A go-to outfit

When you’re short on time, it’s always helpful to have that one outfit that is always comfortable and stylish. Pack your favourite pair of jeans, your To Be Happy Tank, a pair of sandals that you could walk for days in, and a statement jacket. Once you’ve got all of those, you’ll only need a few other basic pieces and your weekend wardrobe is done for you.

Things to read

Whether you’re jumping on a plane, going to be sitting on the beach, or exploring cafes solo, a good book is your best friend. We share our favourite books for health and happiness, making choice a lot easier.

Your yoga mat

Nothing better than getting out of bed, rolling out your yoga mat in a new space, and literally saluting the sun. Preferably on a sunny balcony, because winter sucks and you’ve only got so many days to enjoy the sunshine. Whether you enjoy a full sweaty flow or simply a few light stretches, it’s the perfect way to start the morning.


Have you ever been on a holiday where you didn’t think you’d be swimming, but then all of a sudden a beach or a spa just appears and you’re not prepared? While we completely condone swimming in underwear if the need arises, that gorgeous pair of bathers you bought were not meant to sit in your cupboard forever.

A waterproof disposable camera 

We know you have an iPhone 6 and you think it takes amazing photos. But remember the days when you had one chance to get a good photo and then had to wait for them to be printed. We promise, this will bring back all sorts of memories and make the photos mean even more than the ones going up on Instagram.