healthy eats
01 Sep

Our Go-To Local Healthy Eats

We do our research.

As the weather picks up, we’re looking forward to healthy eats of acai bowls and fresh salads. And we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to our lovely stomping ground – Melbourne. More specifically Richmond and surrounds. When you’re inundated with choice, sometimes you become overwhelmed. We’ve done our research on the locals, spent hours drinking turmeric lattes and eating acai bowls topped with peanut butter, to bring you the best around town. So you can head straight there, limited thinking necessary.

Green Cup

Acai bowls, smoothies, avocado toast. Job done. And we’re only sort of joking. This is the basis of Green Cup’s tight menu and it works. They have a serious list of smoothies, a handful of acai bowl styles, avocado on toast with a range of toppings, plus rotating specials, like warm smoothies in winter.

Our go-to? A Green Cup Number 1 (minus dates, it’s a thing around here), or the acai bowl that’s heavily topped with peanut butter. It’s a win win situation.

Admiral Cheng Ho

Serious eats and serious coffee. This place is a café after our own heart. Sip chai lattes with house-made almond milk as you people watch on Johnson Street, or sit at the coffee bar for a more involved dining experience. This menu (all onion and garlic free) is great for those avoiding animal products or gluten. Bircher muesli, avocado toast, and mushrooms on toast are all given a tasty spin.

Our go-to? The nutrition bowl – mixed grains, steamed greens, pumpkin, avocado, pickles, kraut, seaweed, miso, and almond feta and/or boiled egg. We get both. Trust us.

Fresh Organic Goods

Found on Church Street in Richmond, this café celebrates everything fresh, local, seasonal, sustainable, nutritious, and obviously organic. The entire menu screams nutrition, in the best way possible. Vegan and gluten free options always available.

Our go-to? The HHH – Healthy, Happy, and Hungry. House made cornbread with cashew cream, sautéed kale, turmeric roasted cauliflower, pickled beetroot relish, and fresh avocado.

Feast of Merit

A classic Richmond hang out. This place sees a lot of 213 Apparel at its tables. With a beautiful ethos behind it (not for profit), this space is filled with love and care. And the menu is filled with flavours, spices, and vegetables. A naturally healthy collection of meals.

Our go-to? Avocado with black olive salt, citrus and herb ricotta, on gluten free bread with poached eggs.

Kitty Burns

The space, hidden across the road from Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre, is something the area had been lacking. Great design, with an all-day creative food and drink offering, and a little personality and charm.

Our go-to? The Kitty Greens – a mix of seasonal green vegetables with house grains, toasted nuts, and poached eggs.