23 Sep

Happy Place: Venice

Try to get lost, we dare you.

Venice is one of those cities where everything is different to what you’re used to. And new experiences are one of our favourite ways to find new ways to be happy. The water taxi that you take to get there is just the beginning. The streets are tiny and built of cobblestone. There are no cars. There are however beautiful canals and water everywhere. It feels almost like it was built to avoid the hustle and bustle of big cities.

While the streets are winding and small, getting lost is harder than you’d think. You follow your feet all the way one direction and somehow you find yourself back where you started. A good thing perhaps, as that often leads you to the beautiful city square Piazza San Marco. While locals might steer you away due to the price, it’s hard not to be lured in by the stunning architecture, the sheer space, and of course the Italian food and wine that’s waiting for you the moment you step into a restaurant.

If you find yourself at one of the stunning waterfront restaurants, don’t be alarmed if someone catches their boat, right up to the venue. It seems to be commonplace in this water-lovers paradise. And if you really love the water, we suggest getting a gondola ride on the canals. Yes it might be a tourist thing to do, but being in the water, gazing up at the incredible buildings and history around you is worth the cringe from locals. Plus the charm from the Gondoliers is an experience in itself.

If water, food, wine, or Italian charm isn’t your thing, the beautiful art that lines the streets of this intricate town might just spark your interest. From the traditional masks, to handmade glass, to works of art from some of the greats, this place is dripping with the stuff.