07 Apr

Our Happy Places: Byron Bay

A home away from home.

Our happy places are those that are surrounded by ocean, have an energy unlike any other, are filled with smiling faces, and hold less worries than the daily grind. If ever there were a place that matched that description for us, it would be Byron Bay.

Have you ever noticed, that its very rare to find someone who hates Byron Bay? Youll also notice that Byron has the ability to touch us all in different ways. Its a place where everyone is on a happiness journey of their own.

Where we find happiness in Byron Bay.

Its all about the beach days.

Those days where the sun is high in the sky, the sound of the ocean flowing in and out fills the air; the small of salt and hot chips fills your nose, and an eclectic mix of people walk in and out of sight. Youll see the guy with dreadlocks selling crystals on the beach that looks as happy as anyone could. Youll find it hard to turn away from the beautiful traveler girl tanning. And youll be mesmerized by the surfers constantly seeking waves with endless optimism.

The crisp air and the invigorating hikes.

Nature is our best friend. Byron is filled with places to reconnect. The hike to the lighthouse is strenuous enough for you to stay present, but easy enough for you to want to do it all over again. Plus the view of dolphins and surfers sharing waves is something else. For more of an escape from the world, Mount Warning, the five hour round trip, pushes you out of your comfort zone and into the mountains and clouds above.

The clean, colourful food.

Byron is known for its colourful and healthy food. Places like Topshop, Naked Treaties, and The Farm are filled with nourishing and enriching meals. Byron Bay makes it easy to remember what healthy eating is all about.

The intoxicating energy.

Whether you find yourself in a yoga class at Byron Yoga Centre, Creature Yoga, or one of the other studios, or whether its simply walking down the street, the energy and vibe is different in Byron Bay. Healers gravitate towards the coastal town and many travelers and locals alike, find healing in its power.

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