27 May

Our Happy Places: Coogee Beach, Sydney

You don’t need to travel the world for a holiday.

If you haven’t noticed already, we love beaches. We love the feeling of sunshine on our skin, sand between our toes, and the ocean air blowing through our hair. It makes us calm, peaceful, and happy. A local favourite is Coogee Beach in Sydney. Head out of the inner city, not too far though, and you’ll find this little slice of the good life. Backpackers, young families, and young professionals migrate here so they can live, play, and work among the waves.

Where we find happiness at Coogee Beach.

The walks are as good as the waves.

From Coogee to Bronte, from Bronte to Bondi, and all the way back again. You can walk the day away as you trek the beachside tracks. The walk isn’t that hard, and you can follow the path for as long as you like. Stopping for lunch, ice-cream, coffee, or a play on the rocks whenever the feeling strikes. The constant winding shore will keep you walking, we promise.

Everyday is a holiday. 

Coogee is one of those places where everyday feels like a holiday. It might be the backpackers than don’t have to rise before noon, or the neon signs that make you think you’re in Brisbane, or the beach that’s constantly occupied no matter what time of the day. Whatever it is, it manages to create an atmosphere of pure peace.

The beachfront Coogee Pavilion.

This place is a world of its own. Eat in the restaurant, dine at the bar, munch on a wood fired pizza, or head upstairs and watch the sun go down with an ice cold drink in hand. If that’s not enough, you can embrace your inner child out the back with table tennis, giant connect four, and a range of other games.

And of course, the beach. 

At 5.30pm as the sun starts to set on autumn days, there is no place you’d rather be. You’ll share the beach with kids playing their first game of beach volleyball, young guys honing their rugby skills, and people taking a moment to themselves.

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