15 Apr

Our Happy Places: The French Riviera, Nice

When you feel like beaches and Champagne.

When we find a place in the world where the beaches are blue and the happiness is overflowing, we tend to hang out for a little while. The French Riviera, in particular, Nice, while a little less down to earth than our local happy spots, is somewhere we love to spend some time. Theres a carefree energy in the air, abundance is certainly commonplace, and the beach takes centre stage. What more could you want from a holiday spot?

Where we find happiness on The French Riviera.

Nice has some very nice beaches.

The sand is a little different to our locals, as are the people, but beauty is beauty. A town that revolves around a vast and stunning beachfront will win our hearts any day. What is hard to miss here is the lack on inhibitions. Clothes are very optional.

You can have anything you want here.

No is not a word thats heard very often here. Its a land of abundance and luxury. And while we often dont have the cash to sail that yacht, abundance is contagious. Ask and you shall receive, thats what weve always been told.

The fresh, wholesome food.

Fresh fish, humble sides, and classes of French wine. This is the norm in this beautiful town. As you eat on the beach, in one of the many waterfront restaurants, or up in the mountains, overlooking the ocean, you can feel the local air and produce sinking into your skin, replenishing you from the inside out.

The small winding streets.

No holiday is complete without an adventure through the streets. And Nice doesnt disappoint. The tiny, winding roads up through shops and houses give you true insight into the French way of living. Surround yourself with colour, history, and the life busting from the buildings and people.

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