06 Jun

Happy Places: Melbourne

There’s no place like home.

While we love traveling the world finding new places to explore and new reasons to smile, it’s nice to remember that Melbourne is home and Melbourne was one of the first places to see us happy. Where do we go to top up on some of the good stuff?

Yoga and Mindfulness

If you look around you, anywhere in the inner suburbs at least, you’ll probably see a yoga studio. Or a few, depending on the suburb. Melbourne loves to bend and stretch and to sit still sometimes too. We love that whenever you need a hit of zen, Melbourne provides. You can always visit our friends over at Yoga 213 if you find yourself in Richmond.

Eat Yourself Happy

Melbourne loves good food and healthy food as well. From smoothie bars and wholefoods to cafes based around Matcha, Melbourne understands that you can eat your way to a healthy body and a healthy mind. Some of our favourites? Combi in Elwood for raw organic everything, Feast of Merit for flavoursome vegetables and a good conscience, and Green Cup for smoothies of every kind.

A Culture of Inspiration

Melbourne is a city that is always hungry for more inspiration. We love art exhibitions that make us think, we love new fusions of dance and exercise, we love restaurants and bars that push the boundaries, and we are even known for street art that defies the law to create something new. Anywhere you go, there will be something new to learn. White Night Melbourne is a great example of this. We’ll forgo sleep for an experience.

From Forest to Ocean in No Time

We’re very lucky in Melbourne that we can be almost anywhere within two hours. If you’re looking for the ocean, the Great Ocean Road is just a short dive away with shoreline a plenty, but if you’re after greenery and hills, all you need to do it go north. We love the 1000 steps for a quick escape from the inner city.