25 Nov

Living a Carefree Life

One step at a time

The world today is very complex. And it can be easy to let ourselves get sucked into that. Always concerned if things are going right, if we’re doing enough, if we’re on the right track. Then all of a sudden we’re living a stressful life concerned with to-do lists and ‘shoulds’. But here at 213 Apparel, we want to live a life filled with adventure, laughter, happiness, and no guilt. And that’s why the carefree life is for us. What are our favourite ways to tap back into that when we feel ourselves drifting? Keep reading.

Letting Go

To be happy and in the moment, you need to let go of what’s happened in the past and what you want to happen in the future. One of the greatest ways that we steal happiness from ourselves is to want things to be different than how they currently are. That’s impossible. In order to be happy in what is we need to let go of the shoulds, woulds, and coulds of our lives and be in the present. We also need to forgive ourselves and others when things go wrong. Holding resentment or guilt or shame will eat into happiness.

Laugh, Dance, and Sing

It’s almost impossible to be unhappy or stressed while laughing, dancing, or singing. You don’t have to be skilled at any of these things, but when you let go of inhibitions and more your body or belt out a song, the mind has to let go. We love to have a ‘pick me up’ song and whenever we feel down, we put it on and sing our heart out. Try it – it really works.


A life without rest is never a happy one. Prioritise sleep (think 7 hours or more) and you’d be amazed at how much happier and healthier you feel. Plus those little things (straw on the Camel’s back type) don’t seem to get you down quite so easily. If you have trouble getting to sleep early, try swapping your TV for a book and sip on warm herbal teas later at night.


Grudges, resentment, and pent up emotions either stay buried and cause ourselves harm, or they eventually blow up and cause others harm. While always being mindful of others’ feelings, it’s important to honour your own opinions, feelings, and concerns and voice them in a timely way. This way you live an authentic life, removing the guilt and shame that comes from living against your values.

Mindfulness and breath

When the worries or concerns get the better of you, the best way to return to the present moment (which is usually quite simple) is to simply breath and be mindful of your current surroundings. Sit with your eyes closed and take slow deep inhales and exhales. They say it only takes three deep breaths to change our mindset, so why not do five, just for good measure. 


Movement in any form is amazing for the body and the mind. Whether it’s yoga, walking, or high intensity training, getting your body moving will keep you fit, present, and healthy. While also releasing those helpful endorphins.