29 Apr

Patterns to Brighten up Melbourne Winter

Because you can't be happy in all black.

As Melbourne locals, we know all too well that the staple uniform on the streets is black, black, and more black. You may have noticed, that here at 213 Apparel, we dont believe in all black everything. But we do believe in starting from what you know and love and building on that.

We love to add one of our pieces to a previously all black outfit to add that pop of personality, colour, and happiness.

Yoga now, brunch later

When youre hitting the mat before meeting friends for brunch, you want an outfit thats versatile and laid back. While black leggings are often what youll see on the seats around you, we love to pair our To Be Happy tank in white with the spearmint lettering with black leggings, sneakers, and an easy thrown on jacket.

Start slow

If the thought of wearing something other than back outside the yoga room is making you a little nervous, start slow. Our panel long beach leggings are a great way to build colour into your wardrobe. The darker pant offers a bright panel of colour down the centre of the leg, which gets highlighted when you walk.

Make a statement

We love a bold pattern. Our Python long beach leggings can easily be dressed up. Black boots, a long loose black top, and a black leather jacket keeps you in the black uniform with a bold statement pant to shake up the look.

Sheer so good

Sheer black tops are a sexy and elegant option when done well. We love to wear our Hollywood crop (in any colour, lets be honest) under a sheer top to get that hint of colour shining through.

If all this talk of colour is making you want to go big, mixing and matching patterns, we dont blame you.

Check out our favourite ways to mix patterns here