23 Mar

Special Nights with Special Friends

Date night here we come

Take a moment to think about a special friend in your life.

Some of you thought about romantic lovers, some of you thought about that one friend you can laugh all night with, and some of you thought about family members who’ve grown to be close friends.

Special friends are different for all of us. Regardless of who they are, there are times when you want to go somewhere special with that special someone. We’ve picked out a whole bunch of our favourite places for a date night here in Melbourne, no matter who you’re taking.

Ombra Salumi

Last time we went to this salumi and wine bar on Bourke Street in the city, we were with a close friend, drinking one too many glasses of Prosecco talking art and nonsense. From our table we could see a mother and son eating snacks and drinking beers before a play, and a French couple in the corner who had forgotten there was anyone else around them. You can take anyone and watch the world go by around you.


Bomba is a bustling tapas bar on Lonsdale Street that has a sought after rooftop above it. If you find yourself downstairs, you’ll get to watch the open kitchen and bar at work, while upstairs in the rooftop you’ll get to watch the beautiful lights of the city come alive as the sun goes down.

Fairfield Boat House  

If you’ve ever had dreams of living in The Notebook this is your venue. You can rent little rowboats on the river and feed the ducks, who are so tame they will literally eat out of your hand. After you’ve lived out your Nicolas Sparks fantasies you can munch on a scone with jam and cream. Adorable.

Joe’s Shoe Store  

Up on High Street in Northcote, Joe’s Shoe Store is a cute local bar where you can order pizza from next door and enjoy it as you sip your bevs. Whether it’s a low-key catch up with friends or a first date with that cute guy from work, the atmosphere lends itself to nice relaxed nights.

Arbory Bar and Eatery

If you’re looking for something obviously Melbourne, Arbory delivers. With the Yarra River on one side and a platform of Flinders Street station on the other, Arbory couldn’t have any more landmarks around it if it tried. The place is filled with people happy to be seen, so take that special friend who doesn’t mind a crowd.

Westgath Palace Cinemas  

Sometimes you want to share a killer movie with a special pal. The Palace Cinemas in Westgath is a cute old school theatre, with limited seating, making it a nice intimate affair. They also have coffee, wine, or popcorn depending on what you’re craving.