02 May

Yoga Poses to Warm the Body

One sun salutation at a time

Yoga is one of those beautiful forms of movement that can be tailored to exactly what the body – or mind – needs. When it’s warm we can move in slow and calming ways allowing space for the body. When we are stressed we can take restorative shapes. And when we’re cold and the weather starts to cool down, we can turn to our practice to help us build heat and strength.

So what should we add to our practice when we need heating up a little?

Sun Salutations

Sun salutations are perfect for building warmth and strength in the entire body. The series of poses when put together allows us to move one breath per movement helping to increase the heart rate and deepen the breath. It also builds strength through the arms, core, legs, and back. Do a few rounds of this and you will be officially warm.

Warrior III

Warrior III is one of the best poses to build both heat and strength. Stand on one leg, the other leg extended long behind you, while the arms are reaching forward. The body creates a T shape and this pose works the legs, arms, the core, the glutes, and the back body. It’s one of those full body poses where you’ll notice the heart rate increase and the breath get heavier.

Boat Pose

Boat pose is a favourite for creating some heat in the core. Seated, our legs extend up towards the sky while our back body stays lifted. We create a V shape with the body. This shape will help to tighten and heat up the belly, thighs, and arms. See how long you can hold it for.

Wheel Pose

Our backbends naturally build heat in the body. No matter which backbend we’re in, the heart rate will increase and the body will get warm. Wheel takes this up a notch as we build lots of strength in the arms, shoulders, legs, and glutes. This shape will quickly increase the heart; build strength, and a lot of heat.

Image Source: Cloud Line Apparel