26 Aug

Hello Spring, Goodbye Winter

Why Spring is going to make us happier and healthier.

Winter has a lot of advantages. Warm snuggle sessions by the fireplace. Racing down mountains covered in snow. Beautiful layers of Winter fashion. The boots, oh the boots. We could go on. But we have to admit, after an icy Melbourne Winter, we’re looking forward to the weather breaking and spring taking centre stage. While Winter can make us all a little tired and grumpy, Spring is the epitome of happy and healthy. Which are two of our favourite things to be.

What exactly are we looking forward to?

More colours and less layers

Melbourne can be a dreary (albeit romantic) place in Winter. Everyone is dressed head to toe in black and they tend to have a mood to match. We’re looking forward to dropping a layer or two and adding some colour. True to style of course. You’ll find us in our !hola! tank and a pair of our Cactus Long Beach Leggings. Because blue is the new black.

More sunshine and less SAD

SAD or seasonal affective disorder is something a lot of people suffer from in the colder, darker months. Some of the common signs of SAD? Trouble waking up and getting up in the morning, nausea, oversleeping and over eating (usually carbs), lack of energy, trouble concentrating or getting stuff done, withdrawal from friends, family, and social activities, and on top of all of that a decreased sex drive. None of this is fun yogis, none of it. And winter is to blame. But the sun is coming around the mountain, which means more Vitamin D and more serotonin in the body. Two things we need to stay healthy and happy. Thank goodness Spring (and sunshine) is on the way.

More greenery and less rain

Ok, we know we need rain. But just like the cold, dark weather, it can get us down. So does the fact that a lot of trees and plants look bare during winter. We love greenery and so do our bodies. Which means, only good things are to come. Spring is when everything springs back into life – pardon the pun. Flowers begin to bloom, trees grow leaves, and we grow big fat smiles on our faces. Plus did you know that plants make us happy? Have a read all about it.

More fruit and less comfort eating

If you say that during winter you happily eat the same as you do in the warmer months, we’d have to call bullsh*t. Winter makes us all crave more food and more carbohydrate filled foods. While we do need more energy to keep ourselves warm and energised during winter, most of us have heaters and plenty of clothes. Which means we tend to overload our body with unnecessary carbs, which can slow our digestion (depending on what we’re eating), and can certainly help pile on extra weight if we’re not careful. The moment the weather breaks, we tend to reach for more fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds and less piles of bread. It gives our body something lighter and usually ensures more nutrients are being ingested at each meal.

More movement and less napping

Another thing winter tends to do is keep us indoors, on the couch, with Netflix. This can mean more sleeping during the day, which can lead to a slowing of our metabolism, as well as a few missed yoga classes here and there. But as soon as the sun creeps through we’ll be jumping out of bed and have more time and energy to hit the mat, pavement, or gym.

Look Winter, it’s been swell. But we’re looking forward to a happier and healthier time with Spring. See you next year.